Welcome to Nurse's station

January, 2019


HEARING, VISION, AND ORAL SCREENINGS are scheduled for this second semester:

IPALOOK ELEMENTARY screening will begin inJanuary.

HOPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL screening will begin in February/March.

BARROW HIGH SCHOOL screening will begin in February/March.

POST CHRISTMAS VACATION HEAD LICE CHECKS: Scheduled to begin January 14, 2019. All grades at Ipalook Elementary are checked. Parents will be informed for the finding of live head lice and nits. REVIEW OF SIGNS AND SYMTOMS OF THE FLU: REVIEW OF SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF THE FLU:

Fever/ChilV Cough/ Sore Throat/ Cough/ Runny or Stuffy Nose/ Muscle or Body Aches/ Headaches/ Fatigue (very tired) Some people have vomiting and diarrhea.

It is more common in children. [For more information you may Google. State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services or cdc.gov]

** Please keep your child at home until they are free of a fever for 24 hours.**


*Dress in layers • Wear a warm coat • wear warm socks • Grab the Hat/Cap, Scarves, Face Mask, and Ear Muffs • Put On Those Mittens and Gloves * • When you have been out have something warm to drink after coming in! **

Students are expected to be fully dressed for warm weather when they get on the bus for school and when they leave for home after school. A student is not allowed on the bus without proper dress for cold weather **

SLEEP - SCHOOL AGE : (3-5) 10-13 hours (6-13) 9-11 hours (14-17) 8-10 hours ***No TV at least 2 hours before bedtime*•• No cell phones to bed*• *Please help your child to sleep. Allow peace and quite at bedtime! They need the focus and the brain energy and support to stay healthy and do their best at school.

NO DRUGS AND NO ALCOHOL - THEY HURT, DESTROY, AND KILL! May we all be encouragers lo and for each other and for every child. We are facing challenging times in our world and the world around us. Thank you, and God bless you all!

Esther Jeffery, RN School Nurse